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Il Contabile.com here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How does your service work in the event of a tax audit?

In case of inspections or requests for clarification from the competent authorities, we will interface with the appropriate units supporting the customer during the control phase. As professionals registered in their respective professional associations, we are legally obliged, as well as morally, to respond to our work for years of our competence, even after years, if the customer has ceased trading or changed consultant. In the case of checks relating to periods not within our competence, we may intervene subject to agreements between the parties.

Can I be sure that your service is reliable?

Behind the service offered by ilcontabile.com there is a team of professionals registered with regular professional registers, with many years of experience, provided with personal insurance, operating on the market for over two decades. If you want to get feedback from those who are already our customers contact us as well, we will put you in touch with them.

Do the files you send are legally valid?

Yes! The exchange of contracts and legal documentation takes place through the use of a certified e-mail box (PEC) with legal value equivalent to a registered letter with return receipt as established by current legislation (Presidential Decree 11 February 2005 n.68) in order to facilitate and certify communications between the parties.

Who assures me that my data and files are protected?

Your files are managed exclusively by Ilcontabile.com according to the current laws in force, stored on our servers based in Italy and protected by password and encryption. Backup copies are made regularly to avoid accidental loss. The HTTPS protocol for secure payment management is also used. If, in spite of everything, you prefer that your documents are not available on-line but you want them to be filed in paper form at your office or our office, just let us know.

Are there any penalties if I decide to cancel the contract?

NO! It is enough to finish the quarter and you are free to leave. However, especially for companies, it is always advisable to end the current year with the same consultant before possibly changing management.

What happens if the internet does not work or if I can not send you the invoices?

The online service serves to facilitate the life of the customer. But if you prefer to use the phone, fax or other, we are available. However, using the platform to exchange documentation allows you to keep track of files and exchanged communications, which sometimes can be lost through email or fax.

What happens if the internet does not work or if I can not send you the invoices?

For as long as your account is valid. However, if you want to keep your account active even when you no longer want to take advantage of our services you can do it safely. If you want to delete your files from the site, just ask us.

How much space do I have to upload my files?

All you need.

Is direct contact with a consultant expected?

Sure. Our services provide different levels of support: buying SMART and FULL packages you will have access to a dedicated consultant that you can contact by phone and email when you want and that you can eventually even meet physically.

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