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One-Off services

Opening - Closing - Change INAIL and C.T.I position


Do you need to hire collaborators for the first time? It is necessary to make certain communications to the provincial labor offices. With the job opening service our job advisors will activate your social security and contributory positions.

Vat Number for "Distance Selling"


This service allows you to obtain the VAT number in Uk, France, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Germany or Belgium for selling your products through the main distribution online channels (marketplace) such as AmazonEBay etc ...

Recruitment - Dismissal - Labor Contract Transformation


If you need to hire, dismiss or modify a collaborator's employment contract, buy the service and attach the contract of collaboration or the letter of dismissal in your personal area of the site. One of our job consultants will take care of the rest.



With certified e-mail you can send emails with legal value equivalent to a registered letter with return receipt as established by current legislation. The Certified Electronic Mail also allows you to certify the exact shipping time.


Corporate Balance Sheet


This service involves sending the corporate balance sheet


730/19 Model


This service provides for the completion of the Model 730 through the assistance of a dedicated accountant

DURC Model


The DURC model is required if you need a certificate of the fulfillment of legislative and contractual obligations towards INPS, INAIL and Cassa Edile (Building Fund).

Unique model / Annual Return business only


This service allows you to present the Annual Return for Individuals exclusively with regard to the income produced with the VAT number.

Companies Annual Return


This service provides for the processing and submission to the Revenue Agency of the Annual Return for your company or individual business exclusively with regard to the income produced with the VAT number.


Individual Trademark Registration


This service allows you to deposit your trademark registration application at the Chamber of Commerce you belong.

Service with personalized amount

Enter the agreed net of VAT amount.

Smart Card Digital Signature


This Smart Card includes the Signature certificate and the National Services Card (CNS)


Chamber of commerce / Company Registration Report


The Business profile of Chamber of Commerce or Company Registration Report is a global information tool on companies of capital and persons, sole proprietorships and on all other legal forms registered in the Italian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture.