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Il Contabile - The Accountant - intends to offer an on-line accounting and job consultancy service which is designed to simplify and speed up the exchange of information between the customer and the professional, preserving the professionalism and trusting relationship typical of a classic accounting and payroll service.

Thanks to our professionals, supported by the latest computing technologies, we want to reduce and eventually eliminate the costs of access to business creation and management. Because the specialized consulting should not have to be a luxury for the few people.

Our history:
Winter 1992
Toward the end of 1992 a fearless accountant newly enrolled in the professional register, decided to supplement his salary as an employee by making his accounting skills available to friends and relatives. With an Olivetti M290-20, a lot of patience and goodwill, the adventure began.

The new millennium
It was a decade of hard work, with days divided between employee activity and evenings to work on his own. It is at the beginning of the new millennium that the consulting activity takes shape and the team grows larger. An associated study is created by integrating labor consultants and accounting.

2005: A shy approach
Towards the end of 2005, some members began to discuss the possibility of using new technologies to offer an online accounting service in order to facilitate the exchange of information between customers and the study, as well as extending the consumers area until then limited to the local territory. At the time, however, the hypothesis was rejected, considered difficult to achieve and not very functional for the technologies available at that time. The company therefore continued to operate in the traditional way, using more and more e-mail to exchange information. But it was only a matter of time, the desire to offer an innovative service had only been temporarily set aside.

2009: The year of the turning
At the beginning of 2009 the project was started to create a platform that would allow the customer, wherever he was, to exchange information with his consultant, be informed automatically of the tax deadlines, follow the progress of his accounting, simply having access to an internet network; as well as allowing consultants to manage the relationship with customers in an easier way, without too many physical and temporal constraints. After about a year spent developing and testing the platform, everything was finally ready for testing on the market.

2010: Finally Online
On 1st January 2010 the ilcontabile.com website was finally online! The first six months were the most difficult, few contacts, zero customers. With the passing of time ilcontabile.com has established itself as one of the first and most important online specialist consultancy in Italy. Since then, hundreds of companies have already given us trust both nationally and internationally. Over time, further developments and updates have been necessary and are still carried out to keep the website updated with the latest technologies on the market and offer a service that meets the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

2013: A newcomer
In 2013 it was the turn of the portal dedicated to job consulting, with the creation of the web site www.iconsulentidellavoro.it. Same principle as Ilcontabile.com but with a more focused approach to personnel management.

2017: The journey continues On 1 January 2017, the new website www.apripartitaiva.it is published, entirely dedicated to consultancy for the creation of companies, from sole proprietorships to company of persons and capital. And the story goes on, stay connected ...
The managers of our team

Renzo Castellano


Auditor, Accountant, Administrator of the portal iconsulentidellavoro.it and ilcontabile.com

Graziano Casto

Labor consultant

Graduated in Accounting in 1993
Registered with the Association of Labor Consultants since 2006

Serena Ancona

Chartered accountant

Graduated in Economics and Commerce in 2003
Enrolled in the Association of Chartered Accountants since 2006

Luca Castellano

Sales and Development Manager

Graduated in Economics and Marketing in 2003